Revelations – Christopher K. Morgan & Artists Summer Intensive 2016

Every time I work with Christopher K. Morgan & Artists (CKM&A), I leave feeling amazed, inspired and incredibly tired. Whether I am working with Morgan or Tiffanie Carson, I find myself exploring new facets of myself. The styles and teaching methodologies are so different than what I receive at school, which gives me the chance … Continue reading Revelations – Christopher K. Morgan & Artists Summer Intensive 2016

MINT Collective – Aviary

To read about the first performance of the piece, please click here. This semester, I worked with Fenella Kennedy to recreate her piece Aviary. While the basic idea of the piece, an improvisational task-based movement, remained the same. The concept of the dance was different. Instead of just being birds, the dancers were people who … Continue reading MINT Collective – Aviary

Competition and Grace

This semester, I took a special topics dance history course which focused on the works of Fredrick Ashton, George Balanchine and Merce Cunningham. These three men can be grouped together under the term “dance classicism”. While this term is difficult to define, this course looked at how each of these men, and their choreography, fit … Continue reading Competition and Grace